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Podrobnosti knihy Sneakers z Kahn Howie

  • Název knihy: Sneakers
  • Autor knihy: Kahn Howie
  • Kniha jazyk: Česky
  • Datum vydání knihy: 2017
  • Počet stránek: 311
  • Žánrové knihy: Současná beletrie
  • ISBN: 978-0-448-49433-3
  • EAN: 9780448494333
  • Dostupné soubory: sneakers-362465.pdf, sneakers-362465.epub,
  • Podmínky stahování této knihy: Kniha zdarma
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Shrnutí knihy Sneakers z Kahn Howie

"The definitive story of the sneaker universe." –WSJ Magazine Featuring exclusive interviews with Virgil Abloh (Off-White), Daniel Bailey, Ronnie Fieg (Kith), DJ Clark Kent, Serena Williams, Alexander Wang, Kobe Bryant and many, many others. Through honesty, intimacy, intelligence, and swagger, Sneakers amounts to a singular rubber-soled taxonomy, a global group portrait of a culture thats both personal and public, driven by commitment and curiosity, and sustained by our definitive cast of storytellers, historians, and artists. An absolute necessity for design devotees and sneakerheads of all ages! Sneakers is a definitive exploration of the cultural phenomenon of sneakers, now an 85-billion-dollar-a-year industry. This gift-worthy book features 320 pages of photos and interviews with industry gurus, sports legends, and celebrities in a stunning package created by celebrated designer Rodrigo Corral. The books carefully-curated list of participants takes readers to the center of the action. Edson Sabajo, owner of Amsterdams seminal sneaker boutique, Patta, leads a sneaker hunt that starts in the back-alleys of Philadelphia and ends in the Middle East. Jeff Staple, designer of a pair of sneakers that resells for 00, recalls the sneaker riot his design kicked off on the Lower East Side of Manhattan in 2005. Jim Riswold dishes on making commercials with Michael Jordan. Ronnie Fieg explains the collaborative magic of KITH. Adidass Rachel Muscat and Jon Wexler get philosophical about their star collaborator, Kanye West. Nikes legendary Tinker Hatfield takes a glimpse into the future. Professional tennis player Serena Williams shares an exclusive reveal. And much, much more. From its arresting cover design and thought-provoking interiors to the unprecedented depth of its first-person accounts, Sneakers is an absolute must-have for sneaker lovers and anyone who is interested in design, creative process, street culture, branding, entrepreneurship, art and fashion.

Stáhnout Sneakers knihu ve formátu pdf, epub, mobi. Průměrné náklady na knihu Sneakers je 311 Kč. Zde si můžete knihu stáhnout zdarma ve formátu pdf, epub a mobi. Ke stažení použijte následující odkazy Sneakers kniha ve formátu pdf, epub a mobi.

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